Department of Hair styling and design

Ⅰ. Objectives of establishment and Aims of teaching

1.The department aims to educate students to be professionals of hairdressing, and follow the objective which is the concept “people-oriented, caring for life” as the purpose of school sponsoring.

2.Educating students to have aesthetic sense, teamwork, dedicated service, and optimism, and to be practiced professionals with knowledge-based economy and international macroscopic.

3.Educating students to have occupational morality, humanities accomplishment, international view, and the independent ability of adapting and changing environment.

4.Training students to have the salon professional knowledge, skills, management, and related educating and training skills of hairdressing.

5.Enhancing students to have the professional of hairdressing and services.

6.Developing the ability of styling creative and designing to be expertise.

7.Enhancing students to continue advanced education, research and development, and lifelong learning ability on relevant fields.


Ⅱ.Curriculum Planning

1.Teaching chemical, physical beauty, hairdressing skills, overall modeling, managing science and creative design, and also increasing the proportion of industry practicum course.

2.Specialized basic ability: hair science, hair technologic implementation and, the ability of creative and designing.

3.Specialized core competencies: the ability of hair designing implementation, and the ability of fashion style designing.

4.Before graduation, the students must pass the student basic specialized ability examination.

.Graduate development

1.Hair styling salon, wedding photography company, overall modeling salon, bride secretary, personal studios, salon brand educating instructor, salon brand marketing and planning.

2.Register university-related research institute or apply to overseas research organization for further studies.

 . Development of the department

For development of the department, besides technology education of hair styling design, with advanced skills, encourage students to have learning of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills ; promote international exchanges to improve international outlook of students; in order to  enhance the practical professional abilities, arrange external professional practice which can active cooperating opportunities between industry and academy to expand the cooperation with enterprise, and to improve the quality of vocational education. Taking advantage of this, our department continues to strengthen the practical application, and also to enhance the employability and competitiveness of graduates.